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If You Laugh at the Wrong Moments

April 7, 2010

If you laugh at the wrong moments
people get angry

That’s always fun

John Lydon said:
“Anger is an energy”
I wonder what kinda voltage
you can get from that

Here cum da boss
She say sleep now

I say:
“Dammit woman!
I’m tryn’a work here!”

She say:
“Dat’s funny”
and we laugh
and make WOO-PEE!!

—Richard F. Yates (6 April 2010)


(Mostly) Words Written on the Back of a Receipt

April 7, 2010

My nails are long and sharp
Does that make me a monster?

Nothing special or important
Ever happens to me
Which may explain
Why I’m so unimportant

Glove box open in the car
This morning
Nothing worth stealing
So nothin’s gone

I have a ring on my finger
Yes that ring
Yes that finger
It glows golden and reflects the world
And shows the world my situation in it

I feel French fried
and Flat

Overheard conversation in the bathroom:
“Guess I had to race like a piss-horse, huh”
“No shit”
I didn’t laugh

—Richard F. Yates (6 April 2010)

Beginning transmission…

April 7, 2010

Art is about refusal. We refuse to refuse.