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What I Did Yesterday…

April 23, 2010

The Supreme Bunny Warlord, Dictator in Chief of the Bunnyheadsquad, had an entire day off yesterday so he did art. Some of these will become postal art, some will not (completely at his discretion. Ha.)

Yelling Out the Lines

oil pastel and watercolor on cardboard

Nobody Sees a Superhero

ink, water color, and oil pastel on cardboard


ink on cardboard


oil pastel, water color, and paper collage on cardboard


ink and water color on notecard (postcard)

I Never Wanted To

ink and water color on cardboard

Collapse and Regrow

ink and water color on notecard (postcard)

Mega Mega Mega Death Bomb

ink, water color, and oil pastel on notecard (postcard)

One Eye

ink, oil pastel, and water color on cardboard (postcard)

In the Web

ink, oil pastel, and water color on notecard (postcard)

Ghost March

oil pastel and water color on printed paper


The 13th Dimension Box Project!

April 21, 2010
Greetings Citizens,

I, the Supreme Bunny Warlord, am writing to propose a collaborative art project that will not only be great fun for everyone involved, but will help promote the production and distribution of artistic works and build a stronger artistic community. The 13th Dimension Box Project is a collaborative multimedia endeavor in which each of the participants contributes 13 copies of some art “object” to the project, which will then be distributed to the other participating contributors. There will be ten participant “slots” per trading round, with each slot being filled by either an individual artist or by a collective group, as in a rock band or performance troop.

Each contributing individual (or group) will receive in return for contributing, a box full materials, one copy of each of the items contributed by the other participants. One copy of each “issue” will also be sealed and archived, and the other two copies will be sent to select art museums, galleries, and other artistic forums for their consideration and entertainment.

Objects that can be contributed include poetry; memoirs; stories; zines; photography; b&w or color photocopies of collages, drawings, paintings; recordings of readings, audio collages, music; cds; records; audio cassettes; video works on dvd or vhs tape; small sculptures; or any other item of artistic value or interest (your own work only, please!!!) As long as the object(s) will fit into a relatively small box, and you send 13 copies of each work, the choice for what you send is up to you. If you choose to send originals (not copies) of your works (collages, sculptures, artist trading cards, toys, etc,) please send them as a numbered series of 13 (1/13, 2/13, etc.)

The primary aims of this project are to build a stronger, more collaborative community of artists; to encourage contributors to explore a wide variety of expressive media of differing styles and voices; and to help allow our own works to reach an audience beyond our most immediate friends, family, and regular collaborators. The act of creation itself (writing, painting, recording, etc) can often be an isolating experience, but collaborative works such as the 13th Dimension Box Project can help promote a sense of participation within a living, artistic community. These types of undertakings can also spark further, unforeseen, collaborative works, thanks to the unique chemistry (perhaps alchemy) that occurs when artistic souls interact.

For more information, or if you would like to contribute, please contact me at:

Richard F. Yates
(AKA: The Supreme Bunny Warlord!)

Flame Head

April 20, 2010

Here’s a piece of postal art ready to send out!

Flame Head

oil pastel on dark grey cardstock

Captain Greybeard’s Etherwave Radio Show!

April 19, 2010
Etherwave Live 071 – Recorded 19 April 2010

Early morning DYNAMITE!!! These are the moods I like to explore when I start broadcasting at 6:00 A.M. Just try not to get it in your eyes!!! To listen to the podcast episodes, click on over to the main podcast page!

Please note that this week’s artwork are collages made by Frankie Yates (Live 071 – A) and Ellie Yates (Live 071 – B). They’re nifty.

Here’s what you’re gonna hear:

Etherwave Live 071 – A (55:23):
Total Coelo – “I Eat Cannibals”
Julia Heyward with T-Venus – “1-2, Keep Moving Buddy”
Outhere Brothers – “Shake It (Blaze Tripp’s Haunted House Remix)”
The Murder City Devils – “Dear Hearts”
The Teardrop Explodes – “Bouncing Babies”
Yellow #5 – “Moon Man”
TRS-80 – “Rematrix”
Adam and the Ants – “Car Trouble”
Congorock – “Hybro”
Pony Pony Run Run – “Walkiing on a Line (Blatta & Inesha Back to the Future Remix)”
Mockin’ Bird vs Fagget Fairys – “Ja Bi”
Lou Reed – “Walk on the Wild Side (Holtoug Bootleg)”

Etherwave Live 071 – B (54:29):
Kurtis Blow – “The Breaks”
The Futureheads – “Heartbeat Song (Edwin van Cleef Remix)”
The Diceman – “Quad (Spooky’s Magi Remix)”
Boys Noize – “Jeffer (Modeselektor Remix)”
Erroll Garner – “Fantasy on Frankie and Johnny”
Japandroids – “Wet Hair”
Depeche Mode – “Wrong”
Mel Torme – “Sunshine Superman”
Tiga – “Beep Beep Beep (Extended 12″ Remix)”
Phantom Pregnancies – “Chaka Juan”
TOBACCO featuring Beck – “Fresh Hex”
Shock Defeat! – “Brute Economics”
Allen Ginsberg – “I’m a Victim of Telephones”

—-Catpain Greybread

New Mail Art Received!

April 16, 2010

This awesome postcard and handmade envelope where waiting for me in my mail slot when I got home from Portland, yesterday. Thanks Sharon!!!

Sharon Kennick, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Raymond Carver Writing Festival 2010!

April 16, 2010

Received this invitation to the 2010 Raymond Carver Writing Festival in Clatskanie, Oregon! This will be the third year that I’ve attended the festival (and the third year that I’ve been one of the judges for the poetry contest!) If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out!!!

Rockstar Snake Screams “Mouse!”

April 16, 2010

This is a collaborative work created, originally, on a white-erase board by members of the Writing Center at WSU, Vancouver. Four or five of us each contributed little bits to this now iconic (and computer colored) snake creature!

What I did on Easter!

April 13, 2010

To avoid spending too much quality time with my family on Easter, I grabbed my oil pastels and water colors and staked out a claim to a folding table. Here are the fruits of my having ignored everybody. (I think it was worth it!)

“Little Dragon”

oil pastel and water color on cardstock


oil pastel and water color on cardstock

“Salamander Worships Gator God”

oil pastel and water color on printed paper

“Man and Snake”

oil pastel and water color on grey cardstock

“Robot vs Pac-Creature”

oil pastel and water color on brown cardstock

Mail Art Received!

April 12, 2010

Returned to the Bunnyhead Lair to find these pieces in the mail slot. They all came from Brent in Camp Hill, PA, USA. Thanks Brent!!!

Something Like a Logo

April 12, 2010

Here is an unofficial but extremely delightful Bunnyheadsquad logo thing. Feel free to copy, distribute, post, and plagiarize this sucker to your heart’s content. SPREAD THE BUNNYLOVE!!!