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Madroad anthology now available!

June 14, 2011

Greetings Humans,

The Breadline Press has finally released Madroad, an anthology of Pacific coast prose and poetry, edited by Brian Schlosser and Richard F. Yates (aka Supreme Bunny Warlord!)

Here is a link to the paper anthology, available through Amazon:   Madroad
and here is a link to a Kindle version of the anthology, for all you electro-heads:   Madroad, Kindle Vers.

In addition to this new collection, two (ahem) “classic” Richard F. Yates works have now been released for the Kindle!
Night Noises – a collection of dream inspired poetry, enjoyed by punks and professors alike!
Considering… – a strange art book combining photography, poetry, line art, and other bits and bobs

Go get your read on!!!

—Richard F. Yates


Psychic Blob

June 8, 2011

This here monster is a bruiser! Standing nearly four feet tall and exuding the power of psychic wrath, he’s even more wicked in the dark with a black-light on! Another Richard F. Yates (aka: Supreme Bunny Warlord) creation.

“Psychic Blob”

(acrylic and spray paint on found wood with black-light elements)

Two New S.B.W. paintings!

June 8, 2011

Here are the two most recent works completed by the Supreme Bunny Warlord (aka: Richard F. Yates). Can you dig?

“Johnny Smoke”

(acrylic on found cardboard with black-light elements and spray painted, 2nd hand aluminum frame)

“We Always Hang in a Buffalo Stance”

(acrylic on found cardboard)