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Atom Tan

May 14, 2011

New Richard F. Yates painting. This is the second piece I’ve painted on found wood. Rather like painting on wood for some reason.

“Atom Tan”


Now on Facebook!

May 11, 2011

Bunnies of the world rejoice! Richard F. Yates (aka: Supreme Bunny Warlord) now has a fancy, new Facebook page where he has posted several pieces of artwork that you can view (and even ACQUIRE for your very own!) So stop and by and click the “Like” button, so that he can feel his time would not be better spent shoveling coal or strapping logs to ships! Here’s the connection:

Richard F. Yates (Artist) on Facebook

Again, we command that you visit the site and say “Howdy!” And maybe buy some art while you’re there!

Commission Works by Richard F. Yates!

May 6, 2011

Greetings Citizens. Unbeknownst to many of you, Richard F. Yates has a long history of creating commercial artwork (many, MANY flyers from twenty years worth of DJ gigs, illustrations for sales lists and a mural on the ceiling of the “Freaks Only” room at the music store, various design projects for the writing center…) and the work keeps right on roling in.

One project I’m particularly proud of is a painting I just finished for the drum kit of Longview’s thrash-punk monsters, Toxic Underground. The band seemed particularly happy with this piece, which is great, but, sadly, I was unable to snap a black-light photo of this sucker before they took it. You’ll have to see them live and hope they have a black light setup on the stage to get the full effect!

Toxic Underground Drum Kit Sign

This next sign comes from a dance party television show that many members of the BUNNYHEADSQUAD are making. It’s going to be on public access television station, KLTV, in the Cowlitz County area (as soon as we finish shooting and editing it!)  Hoot!

We Can Dance If We Want To TV Show Sign

This last painting is only commercial in the sense that I sold it a few days ago. It’s the finished version of one of the works I posted below, “Duck and Cover.” For some reason, I must have thought I was done with the painting, took a picture of it, decided it needed more, and so on… Um… Anyway, here’s the final version (for sure this time because I sold it, and it’s gone to live on the wall of someone’s wine room.)

Duck and Cover

New SBW Paintings and New Critters!

May 1, 2011

Been a busy weekend! Besides MC Spoiler and I playing some tunes for a local high school prom, driving Killa Masta Fruit to a doctor’s appointment in Scapoose, Oregon (our neareset in-network provider for our insurance, a 50 minute drive away!—It turned out to be allergies, not mono, by the way), and taking the kids to various parties and shopping things, I’ve been a busy bunny. I’ve also graded a bunch of papers (and avoided with a passion grading many, many more) and finished THREE paintings!

This one is called “Visitors” (36″ x 24″ acrylic on cardboard)

and here’s the same painting in the “Night Version”

This one is called “Duck and Cover” (acrylic on cardboard), (and yes, I was watching The Radiant Child again.)

And this last one is called “After Taxes” (acrylic on cardboard). Momo doesn’t like this one. She says it’s too creepy. That might be what I like best about it.

This next piece was created by the newly inducted BUNNYHEADSQUAD member, Nicole P.! The wonderfully creepy doll was given in trade for an SBW painting. (I certainly got the better end of this deal!) I hung this sucker right in the dining room next to the wires trailing from my hanging speakers. Anyway, here’s the piece:

And lastly, this was a chalk critter that the SBW drew in front of the Matter! Gallery in Olympia, WA, right before the Procession of the Species Parade. I was pretty happy with this beastie, and then some little kid came up and destroyed it. Luckily, I snapped this pic before the little bugger messed it up!