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November 19, 2010

This painting, most of which you can’t really see here, was intended (now try to keep up with this…cuz we didn’t do this kind of stuff when I was a teenager) as a present from my older daughter, Frankie (aka Killa Masta Fruit), to her boyfriend, Wayne, to celebrate their eight-month-anniversary. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) Wayne liked the picture so much that he wanted to take it before the sucker was even dry. We made him wait until the next day, but he still managed to snap it up before I’d had a chance to photograph it. All we have as documentation for this picture is the photo Frankie snapped with her PHONE while I was showing the couple what the thing looked like under a black-light.



Considering… (Art Book!)

November 19, 2010

The Supreme Bunny Warlord (aka: Richard F. Yates) has completed an ART BOOK called (get this): CONSIDERING, IN TERMS CONCEIVED OF IN A STATE OF EXCITEMENT, THE EVIDENCE AS PRESENTED IN A VISUAL FORMAT. This object is a collection of poetry, musings, drawings, paintings, photos, digitally modified images, and collages all presented in FULL COLOR!!!

It’s super-fancy. You can get your copy through Amazon by following this link:

Considering… by Richard F. Yates

Tell your friends!!! (You’ll seem cooler for knowing about it first!)

Most recent paintings

November 12, 2010

More paintings; still obsessed with fluorescent colors. Most of these are pencil or ink and acrylic on recycled cardboard.

“Two Headed Snake”

“Man Invents Robot and Insidious Machine That Distorts Perception”

“The Hills Have Eyes”

3D Glasses…

November 12, 2010

Oh, my. Our little Bunnyheadbunker gets weird. Spoiler goes to see a 3D film at the local cineplex and brings home these glasses, so everyone tries them on and takes pictures. They are pretty funny, though…

You know what, though? I totally miss the old red-eye / blue-eye glasses. I have several pairs upstairs in with my 3D comic book collection, but I’m afraid to take them out of the books because they won’t be collectible anymore!!! (GAWD, I’m a nerd sometimes…)

Postal Art Received!

November 12, 2010

A couple days after Halloween, we received this belated holiday greeting from our friends, the KINGS!

This one is signed “Michael” and “Jennifer”

And this one was created by Severin, who has some work on display in a soon to begin (like, tomorrow, I believe) show at LUNAR BOY GALLERY in Astoria, Oregon!



November 12, 2010

We at the Bunnyheadsquad LOVE costumes. We love to alter our physical appearances; we love masks; and we love pretending to be all kinds of things!

The night before Halloween we had our first occasion to get dolled up when a couple of our good friends got married. (Of course we DJed the reception with fancy equipment donated by our friends at MUSIC AND MORE, DJS!) Here are the hand-crafted masks we came up with for the event:

Momo and Killa Masta Fruit on the Way to the Wedding

K.M.F. in full Flapper Garb

The Supreme Bunny Warlord in his Official DJ Uniform

Spoiler Modeling the Warlord Mask

The next night, of course, was Halloween—probably our favorite holiday of the year. We had a house full of family and friends, as well as several members of the Longview Key Club who used the Bunnyheadbunker as a base of operations for their “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” project. They like to help.

Here is Thrash Bandicoot, an important member of the Bunnyheadsquad Family, letting his French side leak through

And here are a couple of shots of MC Spoiler and Talia the Witch