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May 27, 2010

Recent works by the Supreme Bunny Warlord! (He’s really sorry, but not really…)


ink, water color, and paper collage on recycled paper

“Cave Dude”

ink on paper


ink on paper

“Rock and Roll is the Devil’s Work”

ink and oil pastel on greenish cardstock


More oldies that finally got the scan treatment!

May 27, 2010

Here they are!

“Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”

oil pastel and water color on blue cardstock

“Ghosts and Spirits”

water color on brown cardstock


oil pastel and water color on grey cardstock

“Robot Conquers City”

oil pastel and water color on tan cardstock


oil pastel and water color on tan cardstock

“Poor Little Guy”

ink on pink napkin and blue masking tape

“Deep Sea Teeth”

ink, oil pastel, and water color on cardboard


oil pastel and water color on cardboard


oil pastel and spray enamel on paper


oil pastel and water color on recycled paper

“Manufactured Monster”

ink, oil pastel, and water color on paper


oil pastel and water color on recycled paper

Junior Bunny Art

May 27, 2010

Here are two pieces from the Juniorbunnysquad, tomorrow’s stars in their developmental phases!

Killa Masta Fruit (aka: Frankie Yates)

collage on paper

Pants (aka: Ellie Yates)

ink on recycled cardboard

Still looking for participants for fancy art project!

May 26, 2010

We have a few contributions to the 13th Dimension Box Project so far, but we need a couple more to complete the first edition and get that sucker in the mail. I posted a blog note a few months ago (on April 21st, to be exact – just look a few entries down in this list) that contains all the fancy details. If you have any questions about the project, send me a note and I’ll spill all!!!

It’s shaping up to be a very exciting project so far. The contributions have included conceptual art photography, collage prints, music, and zines! Don’t get left out of the fun!!!


New works!

May 24, 2010

Here’s some stuff I actually finished over the weekend. (You say, “Actually finished?? I thought you did your shit in just a few minutes?” and you’d be right, mostly. I draw and paint pretty damn quickly, so that things don’t get overly complex and all FAKE-Y, but when I BUILD things, like a zine or a book, it sometimes take a few days to compile stuff—and, yes, that’s a hint that a big thing is coming!) Anyway, here’s this weekends work:

“…Side of Fries…”

acrylic and pencil on canvas panel

“Not Hungry (Digital Remix)”

digitally modified digital photograph of a pencil on paper drawing


silver ink on dark grey cardstock (postcard)


collage, ink, and paint pen on paper

Some oldies, finally scanned (by my lazy ass)

May 24, 2010

This are all things that have been completed, but sitting idly about the Bunny Lair for the last several months (although all of them are from 2010, except, maybe, “Cassette Tapes are Obsolete” which might be from late 2009). Enjoy!

“Stimulating Conversation”

oil pastel and water color on printed paper


oil pastel, water color, and paper collage on paper

“Dragon Quilt”

oil pastel on cardstock

“I Have Sharp Teeth”

oil pastel and water color on paper

“Shaman in Transit” (detail)

oil pastel and water color on paper

“Skiing Accident”

oil pastel, water color, and paper collage on paper

“Cassette Tapes are Obsolete (and Most of Mine are Molding in My Basement)”

acrylic on canvas panel

The Bunnyhead Family!!!

May 24, 2010

For those of you sick…I mean, curious enough to wonder (and because I found that old camera!!!) the Supreme Bunny Warlord has decided to post some pictures of the Bunny Minions to satisfy your visual hunger.

Pants, Momo, and Killa Masta Fruit

(aka: Ellie, Mariah, and Frankie)
a typically relaxing day, with everyone at rest on the couch

Metal Legs 2

(aka: Brother Dave)
demonstrating the official Bunnyhead Salute!

Thrash Bandicoot and MC Bunghole

(aka: Keenan and Chelsea)
dancin’ without music (it’s all in their heads, man…)

The Supreme Bunny Warlord and Killa Masta Fruit

(aka: Richard and Frankie)
explaining, in thrilling form, how when two things face one another they can sometimes see each other… (there were “Ooooo”s and “Ahhhh”s from the crowd, I assure you…)

“Pumpkin Juice – A Tribute to Dio”

May 24, 2010

Posted a new song/chant the we recorded at the Bunny Lair on Saturday, 22 May 2010. Hop on over to the Electronic Fog Podcast to give it a listen!!!

And yes, for us “Everyday is Halloween,” too. Just like with those dudes from MINISTRY!!!


May 24, 2010

This is a series of photos I began when I found a busted up, old camera in a drawer and realized that it still worked. In this particular sequence, I document the decay found in the “skylight” (actually, it’s a piece of a plastic tarp nailed up to cover the hole in the ceiling above the shower at our house) in the bathroom. Although this could be seen as a photo-essay, I prefer to think of it as art, and just try to enjoy the colors and textures that occur when human habitats interact with nature!

Micro Art Show!

May 20, 2010

On Tuesday, May 18th, 2010, The Supreme Bunny Warlord held an impromptu Micro Art Show in the Writing Center at Washington State University, Vancouver, in Vancouver, Washington. In addition to materials created by the Supreme Bunny Warlord, the show also included materials received at the Bunny Layer by: Grigori Antonin, arttower, Sharon Kennick, Brent Leopold, okadascat, and Penney Samuel! FANTASTIC!!!